Sugar Truth and The Coca-Cola™ Conspiracy Explained

Sugar Truth and The Coca-Cola™ Conspiracy Explained

It’s time to find the sugar truth. Is it more frightening than anyone imagined? Is it the reason for our obesity, diabetes, depression? Is sugar and it’s toxicity the greatest cover up in modern times?

My goal is to always recognize that diet is a habit, not an event. I’m constantly looking for facts and data that motivate me to keep making the choices that will benefit my weight loss goals.

Robert H Lustig, MD is an American Pediatric Endocrinologist. Over the past 20 years he has championed the cause of exposing the sugar truth. He brings decades of experience, volumes of data and a passion for unlocking the secret to what this sweet, insidious powder is doing to our health as a nation and as a species.

“My charge, by the end of tonight, is to demonstrate that fructose is a poison.” -Robert H. Lustig, MD

The following video is an early presentation given by Dr. Lustig at The University of California San Francisco. It is a fantastic and frightening primer on everything you didn’t know about sugar. Dr. Lustig goes into detail about the lies we’ve been told by the food industry and mainstream medicine.

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