TimKast #003 – Rick Thompson, Jamie Lowell, MILegalize

TimKast #003 – Rick Thompson, Jamie Lowell, MILegalize

Rick Thompson, Jamie Lowell of MILegalize on the TimKast

milegalize_harvest_2016Rick Thompson and Jamie Lowell are on the board of MILegalize. MILegalize is a group seeking to place recreational marijuana on the 2016 state ballot. The MILegalize proposal would make the recreational use of marijuana legal in the state of Michigan while enforcing age restrictions and other minimal legal parameters.

MILegalize believes the state of Michigan is unlawfully keepng the proposal off the 2016 ballot. They walk us through the steps they’re taking to get the proposal on the ballot.

You can learn more about MILegalize and the legalization movement at milegalize.com.


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